Small Kitchen Renovation

What is the Average Price of a Small Kitchen Renovation?

No matter if you are planning to opt for a simple refresh or a major renovation, the cost of remodeling a small kitchen will be lower than a premium space. But great news, if you are planning to work with a small budget, there are options. When the space is premium, then it is important that every nook and corner is taken care of, for which you will require a great amount of capital and a planning phase to begin the Nashville home improvement project. But there is a question about how much it costs for small kitchen remodeling.

Generally, the average rate of remodeling a small kitchen with both labor and material will be $150 per square foot. This means in total; the cost will come around $9500 to $14250. Herein the size used for calculation is between 60 and 120. While when you are undertaking a big Nashville remodeling project, then the cost will run as high as $25,000 to $35000. In simple words, the cost will depend entirely on your specific requirement and the type of renovation you are looking forward to.

Cost of remodeling

When planning a budget for your Nashville modern renovation, it will be helpful to break down the entire data. This will help understand the percentage that will go for each part. Here is a breakdown of the average cost of renovation for a kitchen of about a hundred square feet.

The cost will be about $13,000 when you work with a good company. Remember, when your kitchen space is about a hundred square feet, then the counter space will be premium. This means extra planning must be done to achieve the dream kitchen. When you hire a good Nashville remodeling company, they will use a 10 by 10 kitchen for pricing, especially for the cabinets. Going with this assumption will help you get 6 cabinets on the wall and 5 cabinets below the countertops. This means the average cost of small size kitchen renovation will come around $3300.

To identify the cost of the countertop, you can assume 30 square feet of space, which will come around $29 dollars. At the same time, there are also less expensive options like ceramic tiles. The cost of which will be around $20 per square foot. The more expensive option you choose, the more will be the final cost for the renovation project.

The average cost of installing flooring will be $3 to $22 per square foot. However, it will vary depending on the material and the size of your kitchen. Thus the final cost will come around $300 to $2200. Make sure you are hiring a good Nashville home improvement company to get the required service. It will guarantee the quality of work.

You can opt for a DIY job and avoid paying for professional assistance when it comes to lighting. But if you want advanced lighting, then the professional typically takes about $150 per fixture.

It is advised that you look for a Nashville remodeling company and compare their service cost for making the final decision. But make sure you never choose price over quality. When you are taking professional services from a reputed company that offers quality service at fair pricing, then you will save money and also have the assurance of good outcomes.

Make sure you have a clear idea about your requirements. Discussing things in advance with the company will allow you to get the services done in the best way possible without any hassle.

Hire the best experts

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